About Coady

About Coady

Coady Institute ignites leadership that inspires collaborative effort to address challenges, discover opportunities and create sustainable development at the community level. Established by St. Francis Xavier University in 1959, Coady Institute is a world-renowned centre of excellence in community-based development and leadership education.

In collaboration with partners in Canada and across the globe, the Institute is committed to reducing poverty and transforming societies by strengthening local economies, by building resilient communities, and by promoting social accountability and good governance. Coady Institute is committed to breaking down and transforming the North/South divide by bringing people together to exchange innovations and learn from each other. Through relevant adult education programs, effective partnerships, and applicable research, Coady Institute is equipping community leaders and their organizations with the knowledge and practical tools needed to bring about the change they want for themselves.

The Coady courses are unique in the way that:

  • They are run by top quality facilitators.
  • They are always reviewed to meet the current situation.
  • They are need based and very engaging as participants share experiences.
  • They are relevant and would make someone a change agent within communities.
  • They are meant to learn from others from different parts of the world.
  • They are developmental and help people to survive, be more resilient, and reduce community and self-vulnerability.
- Robert Mutisi, Zimbabwe

A Learning Organization

The Institute is a learning organization dedicated to identifying, developing and disseminating knowledge on effective development practice. As a leader in the study and practice of community-based development, the Coady Institute provides relevant programs that help others make a positive difference in their own communities.

“I don’t think anything else like Coady exists…a dynamic learning organization, always evolving; it’s as relevant now as fifteen years ago. The environment changes and so does Coady.” Partner comment from 2011 independent evaluation report, p. 9

The Coady Institute is committed to:

  • Providing the best possible leadership education programs for development professionals from around the world;
  • Working with partner organizations around the world to help them build their capacity;
  • Providing programs for young Canadians that encourage them to become active, more engaged global citizens;
  • Continuing to develop a knowledge network to grow and share the accumulation of new knowledge that supports successful development practice.

The Institute was named in honour of Rev. Dr. Moses Coady, a prominent founder of the Antigonish Movement – a people’s movement for economic and social justice that began in Nova Scotia during the 1920s. We invite you to learn more about our history, our work around the world, and how you can get involved.

CIDA Evaluation of Coady Institute’s Impact

In November 2011, Le Groupe-Conseil Interalia, an independent consulting firm that specializes in monitoring and evaluation of international development projects, programs and organizations, was engaged by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD) to evaluate the Coady International Institute’s performance. The evaluation looked specifically at the Coady Institute’s performance as it relates to the goals set out in the five-year contribution agreement (2007-2012) between CIDA and the Coady Institute. Click here to read the full report.