Susan Walsh (Susie)

Associate Director for Education Programs

From 2004 to 2016, Susie served as the Executive Director of USC Canada – a social justice organization focused on seed and food sovereignty in the global South and Canada. She began her career in adult education with British Columbia’s Justice Institute, where she focused on women’s access to non-traditional occupations as well as cooperative conflict resolution. A stint with Canada World Youth and a five-year engagement with USC Canada as the Program Officer responsible for Nepal and Indonesia in the late 1980’s nurtured a deep commitment to community-driven social change. Work at the helm of the World Food Day Association and for over a decade as the Latin America Program Director for Canadian Lutheran World Relief led to community-development work focused on ecological food production and environmental management. In 2003, she completed a doctoral degree from the University of Manitoba that featured research into the resilience strategies of indigenous farmers within the Bolivia highlands, the subject of her 2014 book: Trojan Horse Aid: Resistance and Resilience in the Bolivian Andes and Beyond (McGill-Queens University Press). Susie’s work assignments have facilitated extensive travel in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe as well as active engagement in global civil society networks and United Nations’ policy fora.

Selected publications

2014 Trojan Horse Aid: Resistance and Resilience in the Bolivian Highlands and Beyond. Montreal: McGill Queens University Press.

2010 “‘A Trojan Horse of a Word?' 'Development' within Bolivia's Southern Highlands: Monocropping people, plants and knowledge.” In B. Mueller (ed) ‘My Own Boss? Strategies of Resistance and Accommodation of Rural Producers to Neo-liberal Governance’. Anthropologica November 2010.

2003 “Western ‘Capacity Building’ Among Bolivian Paperos: The Marginalization of a Stewardship of Choice.” In J. Oakes et. al., (eds) Native Voices in Research. Winnipeg: Aboriginal Issues Press. Presented at the World Indigenous Peoples Conference, Kelowna, B.C. October 2002 and at the Learneds at the University of Windsor, Spring 2005.

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1984 The New Wife Assault Policy: A Workshop Manual for Crown Counsel and Judges. Victoria:  British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General. Presented to Judges and Crown Counsel during a one day workshop, Victoria, B.C. April 1984.

1983 “Studying Women at Home and Abroad: A Bibliographic Guide to Women’s Studies in Australia, Britain, Canada, the United States and New Zealand.” The Journal of Educational Thought 17(2).