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Coady Institute offers educational programming for emerging and established community leaders with a passion for social change. Coady’s approach to adult education is practice-focused and participatory, informed by learner-centered and asset-based methods that hold the potential for both personal growth and societal transformation. Courses are hosted on-campus at St. Francis Xavier University in Canada, off-campus in communities around the globe, and online using various communications platforms.

Future of Work and Workers

Future of Work and Workers

ONLINE OFFERING This course is designed for anyone who is interested in work and workers including government staff at the local, provincial and national levels who have responsibilities regarding labour, employment, skills, entrepreneurship, or women and gender; employment services providers; labour unions and workers’ organizations; and private sector, community-based organizations, NGOs and academic institutions, and think tanks.

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The following programs will be offered in January 2025.

Grassroots Peacebuilding

ONLINE OFFERING This 7-week online certificate is an introduction to peace and conflict while examining the nature, effectiveness, and challenges of grassroots peacebuilding.

Asset-Based and Community-Led Development Principles

Online Offering. This course is for change-makers of any age or sector questioning the relevance of projects and programs driven by external organizations and focused on communities’ needs and deficits. This includes community builders, government agencies, NGOs, universities, and grant-making organizations.

Leadership for Young Professionals

Online Offering. This course is intended to support young professionals in the early stages of their careers as they explore what leadership means to them in the context of their work and future goals. It will offer participants the chance to grow their understanding of what leadership means, explore their own personal strengths as leaders, learn new skills, and begin to think through how they can apply their leadership in the workplace.

Applications for the courses below have closed. We encourage you to check back regularly for future course offerings; we would be delighted to have you as a part of our upcoming programs.

Stay connected with us for updates on future courses, application openings, and other announcements.

On-Site Programs

Asset-Based and Community-Led Development: Theory and Practice

This course is a global space for sharing and learning about the principles, practices and tools that put local assets and action at the centre any development initiative. It offers a “time-out” for you to question conventional community development practices and beliefs and to re-evaluate the role of institutions in stimulating and supporting genuine asset-based and citizen-led development (ABCD).

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Community Led Solutions for Climate Change

Human-induced climate change is the most pressing global issue of our time. How humans have historically lived, played, and dreamed is changing. The course will use case studies from different regions of the world and draw on the experiences of participants, facilitators, and local practitioners, activists, and community members.

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Diploma in Development Leadership

The program goal is to strengthen individuals and organizations involved in sustainable, asset-based, and equitable development by providing leadership development opportunities for emergent and established leaders. 

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Feminist Advocacy for Agency, Equity, and Justice

With pillars on feminism and advocacy, this three-week Certificate course will help participants deepen their understanding of feminism(s) and address issues of power, gender, and intersecting inequalities to plan and implement effective advocacy that strengthens community agency, participation, and voice.

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Livelihoods and Markets

This three-week certificate course will explore approaches that involve understanding the complexity of people’s livelihoods and the ‘market systems’ as well as solutions ranging from creating a more conducive and enabling environment, to an emphasis on trade and market access, small and micro-enterprise development, and innovations in climate smart/green technologies, and the application of various financial instruments.

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Redevabilité sociale Stratégies et pratiques

Ce cours est conçu pour les praticiens provenant d’organisations de la société civile et de mouvements sociaux, ainsi que le personnel de gouvernements, des agences de développement ou du secteur privé, qui sont engagés dans les enjeux de gouvernance, de services publics, des droits de l’homme, de plaidoyer et/ou de la redevabilité.

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Global Change Leaders program

This program enables participants identifying as women from developing countries to strengthen their leadership capacities in order to contribute towards a feminist and just world. Program participants engage in at the conceptual, policy level and praxis of understanding development, justice and feminism.

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Women’s Leadership for Community Development

This program will focus on recognizing and celebrating women’s strengths and gifts, assessing leadership models and approaches, exploring feminist movement building in solidarity with others, and include the sharing of tools and frameworks that prioritize justice, equity and inclusion.

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Online Programs

Adult Education and Learning for Community Development

Online Offering.You will have opportunities to reflect on your role and practice as an educator, explore theories and practices of adult learning, consider gender, power and learning for social change, and develop skills for designing adult education, including online learning.

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Developmental Evaluation for Social Impact

Online Offering. Developmental Evaluation is an exciting approach to evaluation that enables social innovators, policy and program managers, and community leaders to design, monitor, and adapt social change initiatives in complex and uncertain environments.

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Introduction to Social Enterprise

Online Offering.This course is ideal for development leaders and change makers who are grappling with questions of how to balance the social mission with the issue of sustainability of their organizations and are seeking creative solutions.

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Research Methods for Social Impact

Online Offering.Research Methods for Social Impact is designed to enhance participants’ capacity in developing the data gathering and analysis tools for research and evaluation for social impact.

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Please Note

Please note that Coady Institute does not accept third party applications. Individuals need to submit their application via Coady’s website and should use caution when approached by those offering services to complete the application and admissions process.