Asset-Based and Citizen-Led Development (ABCD)

May 28 - June 13, 2018 Application closed

This course is built on lessons learned from communities around the world that are driving their own development. Rather than starting with needs and deficits, the ABCD approach helps communities to identify and build upon existing strengths and assets. This course will introduce participants to ABCD principles, methods and tools. It will also explore how organizations can respond to citizen-led initiatives at the community level.

Personal benefits

  • Learn the theory and principles behind citizen-led and asset-based approaches;
  • Develop participatory monitoring and evaluation techniques;
  • Discover how to integrate citizen-led and asset-based principles into the work of your organization;
  • Learn about innovative forms of member-based organizations as vehicles for sustainable community-led activity;
  • Understand strategies for allowing citizen-led initiatives to proliferate and scale-up through multi-stakeholder platforms and by linking producers to markets.

Organizational benefits

  • Develop strategies to shift from a needs-based, problem-solving approach, to one that uses the existing strengths and capacities of communities as the starting point for the design of your programs, policies, and practices;
  • Develop models for service delivery that support citizen-led initiatives and programs.

Who should take the program?

This program is designed for senior practitioners and policy-makers from NGOs, donors, universities, and the private and public sectors who work in domestic or international development

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