Citizen-Led Accountability: Strategies and Tools

May 8 - May 25, 2017

The call for applications for the 2017 program is now closed. Check back soon for our 2018 offerings.

Citizens have the right and responsibility to hold government accountable for public decisions and actions that affect their lives. This program explores how citizens can make their governments more open, transparent and responsive to their needs and concerns. Through case studies from around the world, participants will learn innovative practices to monitor government actions, seek accountability, prevent corruption, and improve essential public services such as health care and education. They will also learn to design pro-accountability strategies and get hands-on experience applying practical tools such as community scorecards and citizens report cards, to foster a culture of accountability in their societies.

Personal benefits

  • Learn the history of social accountability, principles and rationale;
  • Build practical skills in the use of social accountability tools and methods such as participatory budgeting and expenditure tracking, social audits, citizen charters and community report cards, right to information, and other performance monitoring tools;
  • Identify the characteristics of an enabling environment for citizen engagement;
  • Identify ways to use social accountability tools in advocacy to make the case for change.

Organizational benefits

  • Increase organizational capacity to build accountability into future projects and programs;
  • Develop the ability to assess government programs and services to ensure the quality of public service delivery to all citizens.

Who should take the program?

This certificate is designed for practitioners in civil society organizations and social movements, as well as the staff of government ministries and development agencies engaged in advocacy, governance and accountability work.

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Tuition 3,000 CAD
Accommodation and meals 1,500 CAD
Total 4,500 CAD

Program costs are subject to change.

All successful applicants are responsible for the cost of travel.

Most qualified candidates receive a scholarship to assist with program costs. Please visit the scholarship page.


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