Community-Driven Impact Assessment

October 10 - October 25, 2017 Application deadline: May 15, 2017

The Community-Driven Impact Assessment (CDIA) is a community development process that increases citizens’ ability to control and improve the well-being of their communities. It builds the capacity of citizens to become active participants in the decisions affecting the well-being of their community. Using the People Assessing Their Health process, communities develop their own CDIA tool, which reflects the community’s values and priorities of what makes people and communities healthy. The tool is used to assess potential positive and negative impacts any policy, program, project or service could have on the well-being of the community and identifies strategies for change. Please note this is not an impact evaluation course.


Personal benefits

  • Understand the physical, social, cultural, political, and economic determinants of community health
  • Develop facilitation skills and tools to use in various community development situations
  • Experience conducting the People Assessing their Health (PATH) process and developing a Community Health Impact Assessment Tool (CHIAT)
  • Develop skills in facilitating community dialogue and advocacy using the CHIAT to assess the potential impact of  a policy, program, or project on the well-being of the community

Organizational benefits

  • Strategically use the PATH process and CHIAT for assessing their programs, evidence-gathering for policy development and advocacy campaigns
  • Develop strategies for analyzing and prioritizing community
  • Enhance relationships with community members who are empowered with key skills and tools for decision-making about community well-being

Who should take the program?

This course is suited for new and/or experienced community development/community health promotion practitioners, policy makers, policy analysts, and advocacy workers.

VIDEO: The beginning of the People Assessing Their Health process and Community-Driven Impact Assessments

AUDIO: Facilitator Colleen Cameron discusses the success of community impact assessment training in Thailand

AUDIO: Colleen Cameron discusses the use of the community impact assessment tool for community advocacy on behalf of a women’s centre

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Tuition 3,000 CAD
Accommodation and meals 1,500 CAD
Total 4,500 CAD

Program costs are subject to change.

All successful applicants are responsible for the cost of travel.

Most qualified candidates receive a scholarship to assist with program costs. Please visit the scholarship page.


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