Coady continues to work toward reducing program fees through our scholarships. The table below outlines the program costs for 2018 programs.

Courses in Antigonish

4,600 CAD
Diploma in Development Leadership 18,500 CAD
Global Change Leaders 17,000 CAD
  • Promoting Accountable Democracies
  • Strengthening Local Economies
  • Building Resilient Communities
8,500 CAD

Overseas courses

 Community-Based Microfinance for Financial Inclusion: India

2,000 USD

Community-Based Microfinance for Financial Inclusion: Ethiopia 1,900 USD
Citizen-Led Accountability: Strategies and Tools, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania $2,650 CAD
Livelihoods and Markets: Ethiopia $1,900 USD

Program costs are subject to change.

All successful applicants are responsible for the cost of travel.

Most qualified candidates receive a scholarship to assist with program costs. Please visit the scholarship page.