Coady Fellow looking to cultivate minds, wealth creation

The Coady Fellowship program provides a learning environment for Coady graduates (scholar-practitioners) to reflect on their work, engage with Coady’s learning environment, network, research, and document innovations that they can share and apply within their own organization. Coady recently welcomed back Winston Williams (Diploma in Development Leadership, 2016) of Antigua and Barbuda. Williams is focusing his fellowship time on entrepreneurship.

Fellow Profile
Winston Vincent D. Williams Jr.
Senior Advisor Minister of Foreign Affairs, Immigration, and International Trade
Government of Antigua and Barbuda, West Indies

Coady Programs:
Diploma in Development Leadership, 2016
Coady Fellowship, 2018


How will you use your time here?

“I am looking at policy perspective and how I can advise the government in terms of an entrepreneurial outlook in moving forward. I want to identify how we can get the people who are already struggling, who have lost their drive, to revitalize the process, and help identify where the obstacles are so we can have a smoother road. Bottom line is, how we can get the cycle working so the people are talking about wealth creation, owning assets, buying land, and buying cars, the whole aspect.”

How will you use the fellowship to further enhance your activities going forward?

“I came here thinking about entrepreneurial socialism and how it can work in the Antiguan context. I am now leaving thinking about the localization of the Antiguan economy especially in the era of globalization and Caribbeanization (people moving from one country to another in the Caribbean). The people of Antigua Barbuda need an economy that works for them and in turn they can help the economy. I am using the fellowship to pull together all the different ingredients to make this work.”

I am looking at the value chain process to help agribusinesses flourish and at innovations to take simple everyday things and making them better. We need entrepreneurial educators, industry research, and government partnerships where government has the responsibility to provide access to resources that help those who want to start businesses. We need to cultivate in people’s minds how to plan ahead.”

“I am always blown away that Coady actually exists, and I have said this to my own class, I wish I had come here before I got into politics. I would have done a lot more and been a better leader for my people. Coady is an important aspect and anyone who wants to go into politics ought to be trying to get here. I so believe that what David, Anuj, Yogesh and all these people are doing is vital to our part of the world.”