Downloading and Using the Digital Leaky Bucket

There are a number of ways to access and use the Digital Leaky Bucket (DLB). The simplest way to try it out is to use the browser-based version. This works in an identical way to the stand-alone version, but is accessible from your browser, so simply clicking on this link will get you started;  

Start The Browser-based version of DLB.


You can also download the DLB as a standalone app and use it offline (i.e. when an internet connection is not available). Below you find links for both a PC and a Mac version of the app. Simply click the approrpiate buttonto begin the download. You will download a zipped file which contains all you will need to get started.

Please Note: If you are currently using an Apple computer running Mac OSX Version 10.8.x (i.e. 10.8.2, 10.8.3), there is a known issue preventing the current DLB (and several other unrelated software products) from starting up correctly. Apple has acknowledged this issue and reported that a fix is due to be shipped with a future update to Mac OSX.
For now, if your computer runs OSX 10.8.x , you can use the browser-based version of the DLB by clicking the link above. DLB files that you save can be re-opened with this browser version and once the OSX fix is shipped by Mac, will also be openable within the Mac stand-alone version.

Download the Digital Leaky Bucket