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Recommended Resources


  • All About Public Relations contains a large amount of resources including publications, articles, toolboxes and glossary.
  • Communication Initiative (CI) Network, a space for the people and organisations supporting communication as a strategy for economic and social development and change.
  • Constitute! Forum on Women's Activism, a project of the International Women's Rights Project serving as a multimedia educational resource on citizen engagement and women's constitutional activism.
  • Darfur is Dying, an online video game designed to increase both awareness of and activism around the situation in Darfur. The game players represent Darfurian refugees and requires players to keep their refugee camp functioning in the face of possible attack by Janjaweed militias.
  • Effect Communications, specializes in public relations for nonprofit organizations, foundations and activist groups. Free resources topics include media, communication, community organizing and fundraising.
  • Eyes on Darfur, an Amnesty International project that uses satellite imagery to provide evidence of the destruction in Darfur as well as enabling people worldwide to watch over twelve intact villages using this technology.
  • Fifty Crows is a site that features the use of photo essays to highlight social issues.
  • Free Management Library for For-Profit and Nonprofit Organizations, virtual library for a wealth of subjects.
  • Glocal Times, a web magazine published three times a year by Malmö University's Master in Communication for Development, based in Sweden.
  • Hovland, I. (2005). Successful communication: A toolkit for researchers and civil society organisations. London: Research and Policy in Development. This set of tools assists the user with the steps of a communication process, and to find links to further information, guidelines and resources.
  • Mapping Memories is a media project which uses personal stories and a range of media tools to better understand the experiences of youth with refugee experience in Montreal, QC.
  • Media Toolbox: Dealing with the Media, a toolbox of resources on the do's and dont's of working with the media.
  • Media Trust: Helping Charities Communicate contains online guides for media and communications issues.
  • One Laptop per Child (OLPC), strives to provide children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment and express themselves.
  • OneLook Reverse Dictionary, lets you describe a concept and retrieve a list of words and phrases related to that concept.
  • Purdue University's Online Writing Lab, The OWL Family of Sites offers online handouts covering writing, research, grammar, and MLA and APA style.
  • The SPIN Academy assists nonprofit social justice organizations to communicate for themselves. Tutorials, publications, case studies and links are available.
  • UNICEF - Rwanda, Rwandan and Liberian youths capture images of their lives at 'Eye See III' workshop.
  • Witness: See it. Film it. Change it: empowering people to transform personal stories of abuse into tools for justice, public engagement and policy change.