Research Processes and Methods

How to Cite References and Avoid Plagiarism

Research Methods Tools, Manuals and Readings

Multimedia Methods

  • Exploring online research methods, University of Leicester. This website provides an online resource which provides training for researchers who are interested in using online research methods such as online questionnaires and online interviews.
  • The Fogo process uses media technology as a tool in participatory community development. The process evolved from events that took place on Fogo Island, an island off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Don Snowdon, of Memorial University's Extension Department was an active participant in this process. His 1983 paper Eyes see; ears hear describes the video techniques and technology as they can be used elsewhere.
  • Photovoice has drawn from critical and feminist theory to create a method using photography to engage communities in research.
  • A practical guide to photovoice: Sharing pictures, telling stories and changing communities. B. Palibroda,  et al. (2009). (1.46 Mb pdf)
  • Video for development, the goal of this Eldis blog is to collect examples of the use of the internet to support video for development.


Sharing Research Results

Writing Research Results

Here are some examples of different ways research using various methods have been presented in journal articles:

Case Studies
Indigenous Methods
Literature Reviews
Narrative – Stories
Participatory Action Research
Reflections by Researchers – Practical and Ethical Issues in Research

Research Proposal Writing and Funding

Searching for Information

Electronic Research Tutorials
Electronic Research Resources, Databases and Journals

You are encouraged to browse through the Coady Course Links on the subject areas related to your topic.

  • Action Learning & Action Research Association (ALARA), publications page provides access to the ALAR Journal (scroll to bottom of page for volumes listed).
  • ERIC database is a large database of resources related to education and training. It contains abstracts of published journal articles, plus full-text content of conference papers, reports, theses and other non-published resources from 1993-2004.
  • INFOMINE: scholarly internet resource collections
  • The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) maintains several databases of current development information.
  • International Journal of Qualitative Methods is a peer reviewed journal published as an open annual volume. Issues available: 1(2002)-current.
  • Journals to which the Marie Michael Library subscribes. Click on the journal title that interests you, and browse by issue, or conduct a search using the journal's search feature.
  • The Qualitative Report is dedicated to qualitative research.  Issues available: 1(2008)-current.

Writing Support

On-Campus Assistance
  • StFX Writing Centre, has brief guides online. Staff is available at the Centre Monday-Friday to assist you with your writing. Call 5221 to make an appointment.
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