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Graduate returns to Coady - 52 years later

What an honour! We were thrilled to host 1962-63 Coady grad Adrian Adalberto Castillo [known as Don Beto], his wife Doña Magda and other family members on June 4. Mr. Castillo is originally from Guatemala, Central America. Following his Coady studies, he returned to Guatemala where he worked diligently for 17 years establishing the vast majority of credit unions, until his family was forced to flee to the United States during the civil war.

This trip to Coady was for their 60th wedding anniversary. Later that day we presented him with a copy of his diploma, which he was forced to leave behind when he fled Guatemala. Shanon Archibald, Vicky Schreiber and Richard Perry welcomed the family to the StFX campus that morning. Click here for pictures.

Richard MacKenzie of the Antigonish Casket newspaper and Coady's Richard Perry speak with Adrian Adalberto Castillo and Magda de Castillo. Mr. Castillo graduated from Coady Institute in 1963, and went to to spearhead the cooperative/credit union movement in his native Guatemala before being forced to flee during the civil war. Translation courtesy of their daughter Pilar Castillo-Meier.