Thematic Areas

The Themes of Coady:


Building Knowledge for Action

The Coady Institute’s Research for Action work is focused on participatory research processes that include communities in understanding their own realities and options. It links the Coady Institute’s strategic priorities with a research agenda that informs and influences development practice. Work involves field-based research, case study development, production of field manuals and community development tools as well as “lessons-learned” briefs, multimedia tools and conference presentations. Many of our publications are available online.

Supporting Innovations, Strengthening Partners

The Coady Institute engages in more intensive training and advisory support to build the core competencies, leadership, and program capacity of innovative development organizations that have high potential to bring about systematic change. The Coady strategy is to ensure partner capacity is strengthened through an integrated approach across all three areas of our work; through participation in educational programs, involvement with action research, and support in specific areas related to Coady expertise.