In these times communities face challenges - be they environmental, economic, cultural or social. Resilient communities are ones that are able draw on their own resources, assess future impacts, and respond positively while simultaneously addressing issues of sustainability, inclusion, and social justice. Resilient communities thrive by creating their own future well-being by enhancing their abilities to respond to difficulties and leverage the support they need for sustainable change. Coady`s suite of certificates in this area includes Leadership for Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change, Creating Just Food Systems , and Community-Driven Health Impact Assessment. Each certificate stands on its own, and can also be combined with certificates in other thematic areas.

The Coady International Institute’s education programs are highly participatory courses designed to deepen the understanding and effectiveness of leaders working in these areas. A wide variety of presentation, case study, and experiential and participatory education methods are used in the programs. The programs give leaders the opportunity to share ideas and to exchange experiences with global peers, to benefit from the expertise and field experience of skilled facilitators, and to gain insight and inspiration from innovations and relevant action research from around the world.

Facilitation and Training Approaches to Community Change
Learning Organizations and Change

Rethinking Partnership
Building on Local & Indigenous Knowledge for Community Resilience

Community-Driven Impact Assessment