Education Programs

Citizens, armed with knowledge and motivated by the need to improve the quality of life for all, can be powerful agents of change. It is these citizens, acting collectively, who can create peaceful, enabling environments for development and sustainable futures for their families, communities and countries. It is these citizens who can resolve conflicts, raise their voices, hold duty-bearers to account, and initiate citizen-led activities to transform the institutions, policies and practices of state and non-state actors whose decisions affect their lives. Three independent certificates are offered in this thematic stream: Advocacy & Citizen Engagement, Social Accountability, and Conflict Transformation & Peace Building. Come for one certificate or stay for all three.

The Coady International Institute’s education programs are highly participatory courses designed to deepen the understanding and effectiveness of leaders working in these areas.    A wide variety of presentation, case study, and experiential and participatory education methods are used in the programs. The programs give leaders the opportunity to share ideas and to exchange experiences with global peers, to benefit from the expertise and field experience of skilled facilitators, and to gain insight and inspiration from innovations and relevant action research from around the world.

Increasing Citizen Voice and Agency
Citizen-Led Accountability: Strategies & Tools
Community-Based Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding