Education Programs

Economies begin at the local level where people work and live. Economies are part of culture, they are shaped by what we do and value and what we aspire to. Inclusive economies work towards reducing inequity among citizens and allocating resources to improving wellbeing and creating sustainable prosperity. Coady`s certificate courses in Mobilizing Assets for Citizen-Driven Development, Livelihoods & Markets and Community-Based Financial Inclusion provide a comprehensive package of specialized skills and knowledge for anyone who aspires to be a change leader in this thematic area. Each individual certificate also stands on its own and enables participants to learn practical knowledge and skills for specialized work in this field.

The Coady International Institute’s education programs are highly participatory courses designed to deepen the understanding and effectiveness of leaders working in these areas. A wide variety of presentation, case study, and experiential and participatory education methods are used in the programs. The programs give leaders the opportunity to share ideas and to exchange experiences with global peers, to benefit from the expertise and field experience of skilled facilitators, and to gain insight and inspiration from innovations and relevant action research from around the world.

Community-Based Microfinance for Financial Inclusion
Livelihoods & Markets