Indigenous Women in Community Leadership

Class of 2014

Shyra Barberstock
Eagle Village First Nation, QC
I am excited about the opportunity to learn from the collective experience and wisdom of the participants, facilitators and mentors in the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership Program.
Paulie Chinna
Kasho Gotine - Fort Good Hope
North Slavey Dene
The IWCL program is the only program intended  for Aboriginal women to learn leadership and community development skills. I want to learn how Aboriginal women lead in this country and to build upon a good work ethic. I will utilize everything, especially the funding opportunities that IWCL has to offer towards community development.
Kaylene Gambler
Bigstone, AB
I am beyond ecstatic to fulfill my dreams that once seemed impossible but are now made possible thanks to this amazing program. I am excited to come together with other Indigenous woman, to have the opportunity to strengthen one another, and to go out into this world to make a difference in our communities!
Courtney Hitchcock
Red Deer, AB
I am looking forward to an opportunity that not only enables mentorship and leadership development, but an opportunity to advance my community. I look forward to learning and sharing with others while facilitating positive change in our communities.
Jessie Johnson
3rd year student, University of Calgary, AB
What excites me most about the IWCL program is the opportunity to network with amazing Indigenous women from across the country, and develop friendships that nurture growth and leadership.
Jordan Koski
Sucker Creek First Nation, AB
I am most excited to develop my professional skills so I can be more involved in helping my community become strong.

Raven Linklater
Thunder Bay, ON
I am very excited to partake in IWCL to meet new people who are involved in community development. I have had an interest in capacity building from an early age.

Hear Raven talk about the IWCL program in a radio interview with CBC.

Stephanie MacLaurin
Fort William First Nation, ON
I am excited to meet Indigenous women from across Canada who are driven to become agents of change within their own communities. I am honoured to be part of this outstanding program that will surely lead to personal and community betterment.
Tennille Makinaw
Maskwacis, AB
First Nations
I am very excited to learn about leadership from an Aboriginal epistemology, also stepping out of my comfort zone mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I am looking forward to learning from different perspectives, being challenged on my own perspective and ultimately accomplishing my goals of bringing positive change to my community.
Michelle Nahanee
Michelle Nahanee Design, BC
Squamish Nation
I know the IWCL program will introduce me to inspiring Indigenous women from across Canada - a circle of leadership I am honoured to join.
Vanessa Ormeasoo
Maskwacis, AB
Coady gives me hope that all of this energy I feel within can be channeled more effectively.  This opportunity tells me that I have potential within me waiting to be exposed and delivered.
Angela Parisian
Peguis, MB
Nakoda Ojibway Nation
I want to be able to give back and help create opportunities for growth in our communities.
Fawn Pettifer
Wahnapitae First Nation, ON
I learn from a First Nation perspective how to strengthen my own community from the teachings of other strong Indigenous Women who have proven to be awesome leaders in their own communities. I also get to meet other community leaders from all over the world. This is all provided in a beautiful setting in one of the most prestigious universities in Canada.
Adriana Roach
Edmonton, AB
I am excited about the possibilities. I am excited about all of the, “What if...” questions that lead to action! I believe leadership is action, not position.
Miriam Sainnawap
Kingfisher Lake, ON
I’m excited. I get to learn from Indigenous women. We are diverse, yet bring our unique experiences and perspectives to working towards making our communities better, healthy and strong.
Wyanne Smallboy-Wesley
Big Horn, AB
First Nations
Meeting intelligent women with the same interests who will inspire me will be the most exciting aspect about the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership program.
Bobbi-Jo Starr
Edmonton, AB
Peerless Trout First Nation (Cree)
I am very excited to learn from and work with other Indigenous Women across Canada. It’s a very empowering and inspiring experience to create, design, and carry projects that work towards our shared vision of creating positive change in our communities.
Kateri Stevens
Eskasoni First Nation, NS
Mi’kmaq First Nation
I am excited about the new skills I will learn and how to put them into good use for myself and my community.
Justice Vezina
Pine Falls, MB
I am most excited about broadening my horizons. Meeting new people, developing new skills, learning new information for the purpose of helping/healing my community and the world!
Kammy Vicaire
Listuguj First Nation, QC
I am excited to listen and learn from all the powerful and unique stories each woman will have to offer. Stories that are not available in mainstream schooling.