Indigenous Women in Community Leadership

Class of 2016


Kelly Anderson
Ojibway Lac Seul First Nation
Sioux Lookout, Ontario

Live life to the fullest with no regrets. I came to Coady to expand my knowledge and experience to enhance my skills needed to help my community. I hope to become a more effective, stronger leader.

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Tamara Cremo
We’koqma’q First Nation

I hope to encourage others to recognize the importance of the Mi’kmaq government in honour of our ancestors.

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Danica Denommé
Urban Indigenous & Black Canadian
Vancouver, Salish Coast; Matsqui, Stó:lõ territory

We, Indigenous women, recognize our inner power & reclaim our rightful place as leaders. When we share our knowledge, we propel ourselves, our families and our communities forward to liberation.

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Angela Ferguson
Edmonton, Alberta

This program is both a gift and an honour. The facilitators are amazing but what I didn’t expect was how impactful my time listening and learning from my fellow Indigenous women would be. Hiy Hiy.

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Aimee Johnson
Bkejwanong Territory, Walpole Island First Nation, Ontario

I am honoured to join these amazing women in this journey and opportunity for learning.  I’m excited for all of the new skills and knowledge that I’ll be able to take home and apply in my community.

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Jasmine LaBillois
Eel River Bar First Nation, New Brunswick

Coming to Coady was an opportunity to embark on an adventure of love, acceptance and leadership.

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Nicole Lamy
Member of the O-Chi-Cha-Ko-Sipi First Nation and of Métis Ancestry
Winnipeg, Manitoba

It’s all about decolonization and reclaiming our Indigenous culture, history and traditions. I came to Coady to strengthen my voice, learn from other Indigenous women and develop my leadership skills to better support my community.

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Samantha Lewis
Lennox Island First Nation, Prince Edward Island

This has been the most amazing inspirational leadership program I have ever experienced. I believe there is a reason for everything and that we were all meant to cross paths to support one another in our journey’s in being successful indigenous woman leaders for our communities. I am beyond grateful to have such a supportive family who is taking care of my baby boy so I can be here and focus on my learning. All my relations.  Read More

Kitty R. Lynn Lickers
Bearfoot Onondaga of Six Nations of the Grand River Territory
Hagersville, Six Nations Reserve 40, Ontario

I strive each day to impact one person to live the best life possible. To encourage everyone to do this with another person  makes my spirit soar with joy! I know IWCL at Coady will help me on this quest.

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Rae Mombourquette
Kwanlin Dün, Whitehorse, Yukon

I came to Coady to be exposed to strong Indigenous women; to better understand challenges and opportunities faced by other First Nation communities; and to inspire my community to strive for leadership within themselves.

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Chantell Quill
Sapotaweyak Cree Nation and Winnipeg, Manitoba

Don’t let the past take away your future; and miracles happen every day! I applied after taking time off for family and wanted to reconnect to community and support initiatives that make a difference.

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Karla Stevens
Paqtnkek First Nation, Nova Scotia

I had come to Coady to gain useful tools and skills I can use in my community, to develop an action plan to help revitalize our Mi’kmaw culture and traditions. I hope to gain lifelong friendships from each of the amazing women in the program and learn from one another’s life experiences. We may look at our experiences as something negative, but they are what shaped us into the women we are today. A strong and fierce woman leader for our communities!  Read More

Jasmine Tara
Indigenous, Cree, Saulteaux
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I believe that art can help transform the world in a peaceful way. We all have gifts; let’s find them, heal and share with our community.

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Patricia Thomson
Carry The Kettle First Nations, Saskatchewan

The Creator has blessed us with the gift of opportunity. Welcome it, embrace it and it will become great!

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Jade Willoughby
Black Indigenous Multi Racial Person of Color
Whitesand First Nation - Ojibwe Territory

I have lived many lives, had many names and faces. So by the time you read this I will have already changed. And to the purest essence of my being that is why I came - for change.

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Mallory Yawnghwe
Edmonton, Alberta

I do hold the hope that one day we can walk together as a strong people and eliminate racism and discrimination towards First Nation people. I think the answer to this begins with our education, and that it will help shape the current negative narrative of our culture into a positive and allied force.

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