Global  Change Leaders

Class of 2012

Eyerusalem Gebreegzeabher
Training Coordinator
WISE (Organization for Women in Self Employment), Ethiopia
“I have an opportunity to learn new knowledge and skills that will help me perform better in my organization, to serve the target groups better.”
Marihame Michel Riad Hanna
Coordinator & Designer
Anafora Center, Egypt
“My Coady education will enable me to grow on a personal and professional level.”
Liesl Marisa Harewood
Founder & Development Consultant
Wasiné, Barbados
‘Sometimes it is in the middle of nowhere, that we actually discover we are somewhere’.
Nomsa Shula Ingwe
Schools Parliament Club Facilitator
National Youth Constitutional Assembly, Zambia
“No education is complete without experience; my experience from the program will help me become more effective as one who can empower those with whom I work and live. Attending this program makes me feel that I will have a greater impact as a volunteer, educator, mentor and leader.”
Tawina Jane Kopa-Kamanga
Chief Irrigation Officer/Head of Kasungu Irrigation Services Division
Department of Irrigation, Malawi
“A true leader is the one who makes things happen to him or herself and to others, rather than sit back and wait for things to happen.”
Rotina Mafume
Co-founder and Programs Coordinator
Prison Friends Network (PFN), Zimbabwe
“At the Coady Institute, I have learned that you don’t learn to have a life in the future, the education here is life. I know with this type of education my community and organization will go through a radical change.”
Naran Munkhbat
Anti-Trafficking in Persons Program Officer
The Asia Foundation, Mongolia
“As a journey of thousand miles begins with one step, the Global Change Leaders Program is my first step in making a change. And my first step now is to learn and discover myself to make more changes.”
Sophia Hebron Mwakagenda
Women Coordinator
Tanzania Women and Youth Development Society, Tanzania
“Coady is the place of experience where we can meet different people from all over the world and learn and share our experience.”
Josephine Kamanthe Ndambuki
Director of Administration
The League of Young Professionals of Kenya
“The wealth of creativity, energy and potential among the youth is immense. If well harnessed, this potential is able to transform an entire nation.”
Thandie Nkovole
Head of Civic and Voter Education
Malawi Electoral Commission, Malawi
“I came to the Coady Institute to improve and enhance my leadership skills. As a woman leader I work with various stakeholders and communities in electoral education, conflict-free.”
Munyaradzi Samantha Nyereyemhuka
Projects Officer
King George VI Rehabilitation Centre, Zimbabwe
“I came to the Coady Institute to learn to become an effective leader so that I can make a significant change to children living with disabilities.”
Nurzada Osmonalieva
Regional Humanitarian Forum, Interbilim, Osh, Kyrgyzstan
“My Coady education will change my life. I hope to return home and do the same work but with a different approach, and to assess myself and what I do.”
Faith Phiri
Executive Director
Girls Empowerment Network, Malawi
“I came to Coady to acquire more knowledge and sharpen my leadership and organization skills so that I become an effective and efficient leader.”
Maxensia Nakibuuka Takirambule
Founder/Executive Director
Lungujja Community Health Caring Organisation (LUCOHECO), Uganda
“My Coady education will enhance my leadership roles both in the organization I work with, and the people I lead at different levels.”
Kuy Chheng Treng
Senior Accountant
Digital Divide Data, Cambodia
“Nothing can stop a woman if she doesn’t hold herself back. ‘See dis-ability.’”
Shruti Upadhyay
Senior Programme Officer for South Asia
Christian Aid, India
‘How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!’
- Maya Angelou
“This education feeds my quest to be a better human being and contribute my one drop in the ocean of world change.”