Global Change Leaders - Class of 2013


Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Executive Director/Project Co-ordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre, Nigeria
I believe it is time we learned how to be leaders instead of continuing the trial and error way of life we are used to in my nation. My training is the training for everyone around me, I believe in transferring my learning to others. My life is lived like the holon theory, from self to organization, to society and to the environs.
Linda Lariba Atibilla
Project Officer-Women’s Programe Sector
Community Self Reliance Centre, Ghana
A Coady education will help me improve on my job area and will provide leadership skills to lead young women in my young growing personal NGO (Hope Giver Ladies) which seeks to reduce female migration by engaging them in shea butter processing to make them financially independent.
Pavinee Chaipark
Freelance: Researcher of Community, Documentary Film
Deep South Watch, Thailand
If I have experience of this course, I will be returning to work in the community….[and to leverage] the knowledge and experience from my mother and women in the community…to build our future together.
Kishori Kumari Chaudhari
Project Coordinator
Backward Society Education (NASE), Nepal
I came to the Coady to enhance my knowledge for empowering indigenous women and to create a global network for building peace for deprived people. Coady will enhance my knowledge and skill by facilitating their qualified human resource in a friendly environment.
Adepeju Opeyemi Jaiyeoba
Executive Director
Brown Button Foundation, Nigeria
I came to the Coady for professional development, to build capacity to serve my community better, to obtain knowledge to improve on methodologies and to build collaborations that
will inspire change for women across the world. A Coady education will bring change and hope for my community.
Jacqueline Joseph
Director - Communities
Rugby League Against Violence, Papua New Guinea
I believe in making relevance of my abilities and experiences and believe that Coady Institute is the ideal place to help me further enhance this. My experience with the program will help me to make more effective use of my abilities and this will be reflected in my capacity to deliver.
Cynthia Nachalwe Kampamba
Finance and Administration Manager
Women for Change, Zambia
I believe that after this experience, I will become an efficient
and effective leader who will spearhead life changing interventions in my organization and community.
Momal Mushtaq
Founder and Executive Director
The Voice of Youth (tVoY), Pakistan
To sum it up in one sentence, this is how I feel on receiving the
generous support of the Coady International Institute: Somebody had the faith to invest in me and I want to do that for many other children.
Sr. Jyoti Precy Pinto
Asian Movement of Women Religious Against Human Trafficking (AMRAT), India
Education at Coady enables me to acquire and improve my knowledge, skills and relationships to bring about transformative changes. To live and learn with new international partners is a global experience that will make a significant difference in my organization and me.

Hasinihaja Tsiaro Barijaona Raharison
Project Officer
Research Support Center for Development Alternatives-Indian Ocean, Madagascar
A Coady education is the best way to learn leadership as it is designed just for a young woman like me, for I could manage my work to have a better effect in my community, and for my community could have a brighter present and future.

Nargis Shirazi Rahim
Founder & Consultant (CATCH)
International Health Sciences University, Uganda
I believe everyone has a story and has a voice and together we can map a way forward for leadership and change! Injustice is death to humanity and I believe at Coady I will learn that I am a matchstick that will catalyze change and inspire others to get out of their match boxes and together we light the world! Coady is helping me to unlearn, learn and relearn best ways of leadership.
Bekelech Demesie Rorisa
Founder & Managing Director
SaGeDa Development Association, Ethiopia
The GCL program will enable me to gain additional knowledge and experience to expand my vision for my community. My community will also get this training through me! I will discover encouraging new ideas and systems to be installed in my organization.
Christine A. Sumog-oy
Peace Talks Advocacy Officer
Mindanao Action for Peace and Development (MAPAD), Philippines
The Coady Institute inspires me to become a better and confident woman leader. It gives me a sacred space to learn, re-learn and un-learn about life, society, and advocacy. It allows me to learn from the experience of other leaders from other parts of the world. It helps me find the right path where I should really go and what I should become.
Shamo Thar
Founder and Executive Director
Pentok Institute, China
"When you educate a girl, everything changes.” I came to Coady to learn skills and knowledge in leadership, public speaking and writing that are essential to personal and organizational development. I will network with like minded women, mentors and organizations, and apply knowledge learned and networks built in our mission.
Kodwa Tyiso
Training and Development Manager
People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA), South Africa
With so much poverty affecting many women in my country, the Global Change Leaders program at the Coady contributes towards unleashing our potential to improve our livelihoods.