Andrea Menard

actor + singer + writer + messenger

Andrea Menard is an extremely versatile, powerhouse performer who crosses cultural and language boundaries by speaking from her heart. Excelling in all four creative areas of her medicine wheel, Menard is a true indigenous renaissance woman; she is an actor, a singer, a writer, and a spiritual ambassador. Having travelled the healing journey, Andrea Menard knows where she comes from and she knows where she is going – to spread more love and joy to the peoples of the planet. By leading others back to their hearts, Andrea Menard is truly changing the world.

This multi-talented, Métis (Native Canadian) singer/songwriter dazzles audiences on screen and on stage, singing alone or accompanied by a 50-piece orchestra. And her voice, which is lyrical, raw, and reminiscent of the jazz and blues singers of the 1940's, captures the depth, humour and wisdom of her ancestors. Whether she is addressing a hall of conscious citizens in her keynote speeches or struggling to overcome obstacles in her magnetic television roles in Rabbit Fall and Blackstone, Menard’s commanding presence as a strong Métis woman resonates in all that she does.

Menard’s third album, Sparkle, is featured in a 70-minute holiday special, called Sparkle: An Evening with Andrea Menard. The heart-warming musical tv show, which garnered a 2011 Gemini Award nomination for her outstanding performance, explores Menard’s world of family and friends and revolves around the title song Sparkle’s theme that “every human being is a spark.” This uplifting television project, which was also written by Menard, launched her career as a spiritual “music messenger” and influenced the direction of her next album, Lift. Presently in the recording phase, Lift is a collection of joyful songs about beauty, awakening, and global unity, and is Menard’s attempt to bring a positive message to the world.

“I just want to make music that makes me feel good. I want to speak impeccable words, as taught to me by my elders, so that when I sing them joy radiates from my heart and affects the people around me in a good way.“

Menard’s second album, Simple Steps, describes her experiences and reflections of her place in the world as a proud Métis woman. The Velvet Devil, Menard's debut CD features original jazz songs from her hit one-woman musical stage play, The Velvet Devil, that travelled across Canada. In 2006, The Velvet Devil became an award-winning television movie for CBC, written by Menard and produced by WestWind Pictures (Little Mosque on the Prairie). The movie won 17 cinematic awards worldwide and Menard was nominated for “Best Performance by an Actress” at the Gemini Awards.

Andrea landed a leading role in the new TVO medical series, Hard Rock Medical, which films in northern Ontario and is also part of the all-star cast of Blackstone, the edgy, dramatic series about politics on a reserve. Andrea is well-known for her award-winning lead roles as Constable Tara Wheaton in the supernatural crime drama, Rabbit Fall, and Amanda Strongeagle in the gritty dramatic series, Moccasin Flats. Both performances garnered nominations for Gemini Awards in the “Best Actress in Leading Dramatic Role in a Continuing Series” category. Presently, Andrea Menard is preparing for the debut of her symphony show entitled “I Am Andrea Menard”, with the Regina Symphony Orchestra in May 2014.

Andrea Menard has been taught by her Elders “to speak for those who can not, and to feel for those who can not.” She has taken these words to heart by offering her services as a speaker and messenger of hope to Aboriginal communities, to women’s gatherings, to environment groups, to spiritual assemblies, and to the ever-growing population of men and women who choose a path of conscious evolution. By incorporating her powerful ability to empathize with others and transmute great emotion, Andrea Menard is a moving and very funny medicine talker.

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