Anthony Scoggins

Director of Education Programs

Anthony brings 35 years of professional experience in the management of international development organisations and programs, a career that was launched as a participant of Coady’s Diploma in Social Development in 1979. Anthony stayed on as faculty at Coady from 1980 to 2000 where his primary focus was in the area of cooperative studies and microfinance. His career has engaged him at local, national and global levels, working with a range of institutions and agencies. He has lived for more than ten years overseas, working with counterpart organisations in over 35 countries of Africa, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean. Most recently he served as the Director of International Programs at Oxfam Canada where he provided strategic humanitarian, development, learning and advocacy leadership.

An accomplished trainer and facilitator, Anthony has designed and delivered educational programs from local villages to national training centres. As a manager, coach and consultant, Anthony has also led complex processes of organisational development and change, within local and national agencies, as well as networks and global confederations.

Anthony holds a Master of Arts from Cambridge University, England, and a Maîtrise en gestion et dévelopment des coopératives, from the Université de Sherbrooke, Quebec. He is also an Associate of the Credit Union Institute of Canada.