Bernard Guri


Mr. Bernard Guri is the founder and Executive Director of CIKOD – the Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development – an NGO based in Ghana ( Bern has over twenty-five years experience in the development sector working with both national and international NGOs and donors and is currently engaged in research around indigenous knowledge and governance issues in regards to natural resource management.

CIKOD as an organization is involved in working with indigenous and traditional institutions to help them become more vibrant civil society groups that will enhance the participation of rural communities in their own development processes. CIKOD works in agriculture and natural resource management, local governance and local economic development. They’ve worked with Care International on a civil society capacity strengthening project for natural resource management that involved the National House of Chiefs and Queens, DFID concerning community access and management of the forest sector and issues of government accountability and transparency, and various district administrations and grassroots organizations to facilitate endogenous development that respects indigenous ways of being. CIKOD is the Co-ordinator for Africa of the COMPASS network (; publishers of COMPAS Magazine) a member of the African Bio-Diversity Network (ABN) and a co-founder of the Alliance for Food sovereignty (AFSA) based in Nairobi. Bern has worked for a number of international agencies as a consultant on issues of indigenous knowledge and sustainable development.

Bern has a BSc in Agriculture from Ghana, a Post-graduate Diploma in Rural Development and a Masters in the Politics of Alternative Development from the Institute for Development Studies in the Netherlands, and is presently pursuing a PhD from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana.