Cynthia Khoury

Independent trainer and facilitator.

Cynthia has been working for more than 20 years in youth development through volunteer work locally, nationally and internationally. She manages and leads the training of young leaders using the Adult Learning Cycle methodology to assess strengths and needs, building their capacities to design, develop and deliver workshops and training. This engagement also contributes to enhancing their abilities to participate and contribute in the development of their community. Cynthia facilitates training sessions for youth on leadership skills, project management and soft skills using adult learning methods and participatory approaches to achieve effective results.

She is also an experienced adult educator and works on transforming adults’ thinking and attitudes to realize their potential, to utilize their skills for the betterment of their communities and to create positive change in their lives.

Cynthia holds a degree in Fine Arts and three certificates from the Coady International Institute in Advocacy and Citizen Engagement, Good Governance and Social Accountability Tools and Facilitation & Training Approaches to Community Change.