Darren C. Brown

Facilitating harmonious, just and sustainable learning and change within richly diverse and complex communities and organizations defines Darren’s creative passion. His work includes research and analysis leading to concise, accessibly written documents, participatory approaches and learning initiatives for optimum performance amidst complexity. As a trained graphic facilitator, Darren has been exploring the impact of loosely drawn “shared visons” as intentions rather than developing linearly scripted frameworks or agendas for change. The impact of Darren’s work secures just inclusion, promotes equity and advances participatory learning experiences.

Darren’s areas of interest within organizational change include intercultural team effectiveness, youth leadership and cultural competence. Arenas of emerging expertise include managing for developmental results, advancing gender equality and facilitation training.  Learning initiatives and change labs are designed on principles and practices of adult learning and peer collaboration.

As a facilitator, Darren has been working nationally, internationally and interculturally for over twenty-five years. Of the last five years principle clients include Health Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Health, the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (Egypt, Ukraine and Zimbabwe) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Ghana and Rome).