David Fletcher

Senior Program Staff

David joined the Coady Institute in March 2007 as a senior program staff member in the area of Transformative Education and Community Development. Since 1985 he has had the opportunity to work with groups on the African continent (Nigeria, Ghana, The Gambia, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Zambia) and in Canada to learn and share knowledge, skills, values and strategies for social and personal change. David has experience teaching at universities in Canada and in several African countries, as well as extensive program management experience with NGOs, universities, and as a consultant.

David works with participatory methods and combines both critical and appreciative perspectives to try and “walk the talk” of social justice. He has experience in community health, rural development, capacity building, institutional strengthening, action research, and participatory evaluation. He finds inspiration in working with people engaged in creative initiatives concerning gender, power relations, anti-racist education, indigenous wisdom, alternatives to globalization, spirituality and the pursuit of holism. In all his work he strives to ensure initiatives are grounded in local culture and values, and bridges the space between the personal and the global. This year David will co-facilitate the foundations program, the Facilitation and Training Approaches for Community Change certificate elective with eloise burke, and the Gender and Power Analysis course.  He is also responsible for the integration workshops and the mid and final participatory evaluations of the program.

David holds a Master in Adult Education (Community Development stream) from StFX, and a BArtSci in International Development Studies from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. He is currently engaged in research on community resilience in northern Ghana, drawing on community psychology and sustainable livelihoods as part of his PhD work.  David was appointed Manager of Education Programs in January 2009.