Facilitation and Training Approaches for Community Change

November 6 – November 23, 2018  Application Closed

Development practitioners, trainers and educators in this course learn participatory design and facilitation approaches and techniques. Participants improve their skills through hands-on, small group practice and strengthen their knowledge of principles and practices of transformative education.  Collectively, they create strategies for overcoming challenges in their own work.

Personal benefits

  • Learn participatory design and facilitation techniques
  • Strengthen knowledge of theories, principles, and practices of transformative, emancipatory adult education and participatory training
  • Build skills to recognize and demonstrate different curriculum design theories and practices, with particular emphasis on participatory approaches
  • Learn creative strategies for analyzing issues and overcoming challenges experienced in facilitation and training in the field

Organizational benefits

  • Design and implement process facilitation within your community and organization;
  • Develop local and international strategies for inter-agency collaboration and networking in participatory education and training

Who should take the program?

This certificate is designed primarily for experienced facilitators and trainers, and those who do a significant amount of facilitation in their work, who want to explore new theories, principles, and practices in participatory adult education and training approaches.

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