Women’s Leadership in Community Development

May 13 to May 24, 2019
Application Closed

This program creates space for women leaders to build their individual leadership skills and learn to better position themselves and their work within their respective organizations for creating social change. Participants will learn practical new strategies for moving community development forward with gender sensitive processes, assess their life experiences for personal strengths and motivations, build a leadership profile that matches their strengths and capacities, and network with an inspired group of women eager to break down gender-oriented barriers and constraints that hinder women’s progress.

Personal benefits

  • Deepened understanding and reflections on values and models for leadership
  • Deepened ability to do gender, power, and stakeholder analysis to identify leverage points in own work
  • Improved critical reflection, analytical, and persuasion skills
  • Connection to a global peer network of inspired women leaders working on related community development issues

Organizational benefits

As a result of this program, participants will:

  • Develop women-sensitive approaches and structures to increase the social capital of the organization
  • Analyze and adapt collective strategies for mobilizing community assets, policy advocacy, influencing gender narratives and norms, support for women survivors of conflict
  • Develop vision and leadership approaches that are gender-sensitive and women-inclusive which lead to innovation and social change

Who should take the program?

The strength of the course is in the diversity of women who attend. The mix of ages, nationalities, family responsibilities, education, religions, and working lives creates a dynamic context for learning. This course is primarily focused on women engaged in community development practice. Participants should possess a minimum of two years of demonstrated leadership experience in a social or economic development endeavor which focuses on addressing the rights of women and girls and/or in sectors such as livelihoods or inclusive economic development, food security, environment, access to education and health care, governance, or political engagement of women. Participants should normally have some post-secondary education and have great drive and passion for their work.

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