Promoting Accountable Democracies

Promoting Accountable Democracies

September 30 to October 18, 2019
Application Closed

Most qualified candidates receive a bursary to assist with program costs. Those receiving a bursary are responsible for fees payable of at least $2,300 CAD for fall programs.

Citizens have the right and responsibility to have a voice in, and hold government and other power holders accountable for, public decisions and actions that affect their lives. This course explores ways to engage citizens in deepening democratic practice and in promoting transparency, accountability, and participation in governance systems and structures. It will provide an opportunity for participants to apply an intersectional (power and gender) analysis and explore key concepts around active citizenship, good governance, accountability, and democracy. The course builds on participants’ experience and draws from theory, practice, and case examples in participatory governance, citizen-led accountability, and advocacy. Facilitators support participants in developing skills and using practical approaches to effect change in their own spheres of action.

Personal Benefits

By the end of course, participants can expect to be able to:

  • Better understand the theory and practice of ‘accountable democracies,’ and the multiple avenues to influence and strengthen it in various contexts;
  • Apply tools and techniques in gendered contextual analysis and practice ‘civic skills’ required to promote equitable and inclusive citizen participation and accountability in governance processes and structures;
  • Reflect critically on participation, democratic, and accountability gaps in their own context and develop proposals to address these.


The course will include a variety of participatory and experiential learning methods, short presentations, simulations, small group discussions, role plays, video/written case studies, participant-led research, and skills-building exercises. Participants will benefit from field visits to foster direct interaction and dialogue with stakeholders engaged in influencing change and promoting participation and accountability as well as contributions from guest resource persons.

Who should take the program?

This program is designed for change leaders working to drive social change through citizen-led activism, policy advocacy, and holding governments, public agencies, and other duty bearers to account. Prospective participants likely work for or are engaged with civil society organizations, NGOs, social movements, and issue-based coalitions and networks, as well as staff from government, development agencies, or the private sector, who are engaged in governance, public services, human rights, advocacy, and/or accountability work.

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Most qualified candidates receive a bursary to assist with program costs. Those receiving a bursary are responsible for fees payable of at least $2,300 CAD for fall programs.

Please note that Coady International Institute does not accept third party applications. Individuals need to submit their application via Coady’s website and should use caution when approached by those offering services to complete the application and admissions process.

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