Community Housing Program

We support affordable housing within the community housing sector through projects, programs, partnership, and professional services across Nova Scotia.

Build Together: Strengthening the Community Housing Sector in Nova Scotia

In partnership with the Community Housing Transformation Centre, we are working to engage with the community housing sector in Nova Scotia for a better connected and more unified community housing sector in Nova Scotia. Read More…

Supporting Local Organizations

Coming soon…

Professional Services

We offer consulting services to support communities and organizations. Through facilitation, strategic planning, and other services, we assist organizations and communities in discovering and enhancing their strengths so that they can achieve the results they are seeking. Read More…

People’s Schools on Housing

Since 2018, the People’s Schools on Housing have brought together people living on low incomes, community groups, concerned citizens, service providers, elected officials, and researchers/educators with the shared goal of improving access to affordable housing in local Nova Scotian communities.