Education and Training

. . . for a “full and abundant life for all”.

We see leadership not as something that exists outside of oneself that must be acquired, but rather as qualities, skills, and experiences that naturally exist within everyone. Seeing the connection between individual leadership and large-scale change, we are committed to providing opportunities for individuals to uncover and strengthen these assets.

For many years, we have supported the design and delivery of education programs at St. Francis Xavier University and Coady Institute. Programs that we have recently supported include:

Facilitation and Training Approaches for Community-led Change

Development practitioners, trainers, and educators in this course learn participatory design and facilitation approaches and techniques.

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Learning Organizations and Change

Participants will explore how changes in structure, plans and actions can strengthen an organization’s relevance to its community.

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DEVS 405: Community-Based Development: Strategies and Practice

The seminar explores and evaluates strategies, practices and techniques used to strengthen people’s capacity to build sustainable livelihoods, and examines the role of different agencies in stimulating development at the community level.

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Leadership Program

This program helps community leaders build the knowledge, broad perspective, and positive attitude needed for present and future leadership roles in rural Nova Scotia and beyond.

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