At StFX Extension, we are committed to Moses Coady’s vision of creating “a full and abundant life for all.” In collaboration with our partners and the groups we work with, we develop and support strategies to address both the challenges and opportunities they encounter. Our approach recognizes each organization’s strengths, which can be used to mobilize its assets for meaningful change.

Community Engagement

Build Together: Strengthening the Community Housing Sector in Nova Scotia

In partnership with the Community Housing Transformation Centre, we are working to engage with the community housing sector in Nova Scotia – to share successes, recognize strengths, address challenges and barriers, identify gaps, and discover new ways of working together for greater collective impact.

Community Housing Program

We support affordable housing within the community housing sector through projects, programs, partnership, and professional services across Nova Scotia.

Vibrant Communities

We have a long and rich history of helping communities recognize their strengths to successfully leverage them for positive change, while creating “a full and abundant life for all”.

Professional Services

Through facilitation, strategic planning, and other services, we assist organizations and communities in discovering and enhancing their strengths so that they can achieve the results they are seeking.

Our People

Martha Fanjoy
Director of Programs
Martha Fanjoy has more than 15 years of experience in applied research, teaching, and program development, in both Canada and internationally.
Pauline MacIntosh
Program Staff
An experienced adult educator and facilitator, Pauline is passionate about working with groups engaged in strategic thinking and planning, asset-based community development, education and capacity building, and leadership for learning and change.
Kelly B. Schnare
Researcher - Research and Engagement Coordinator – Community Housing Program
A white settler, land-owner starting with the Acadian Expulsion, Kelly supports complexity through relationships and science-based narratives.
I’ve never really seen myself as a leader … but the Rural Leadership Program has helped me to change my perception.

— Brenda LaGrandeur, Yarmouth County

The Rural Leadership Program provided an opportunity to explore my leadership qualities, styles, strengths, and weaknesses.
– Kathy Hannigan, Inverness County

We also value accessing the Extension Department as a well-respected ‘third party’ in facilitating discussions with other organizations.
– Caroline Cameron, The Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia

The work that was carried out by Extension will have a profoundly positive impact on the way we do business in Atlantic Canada…
– Basil Ryan, Chief Operating Officer Atlantic Association of CBDCs

Developing our Strategic Plan with the guidance of the StFX Extension Department has proved key in allowing us to establish objectives, develop timelines and reach our goals.
– Ann McPhee, Ann Terry Society
This program has provided me with the inspiration and direction to move forward with both my personal and professional goals.
– Viola Baker, Antigonish County

News and Events

A Statement regarding the Mass Grave Discovery at Kamloops Indian Residential School

A Statement regarding the Mass Grave Discovery at Kamloops Indian Residential School

We share in the grief of this most recent discovery; and we acknowledge that this grief is unequally carried by those directly targeted by the historical and ongoing violence against them as Indigenous communities across Turtle Island continue to experience intergenerational trauma from these experiences at the hands of Canada’s governments and church officials.

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Our Mission

We strive to promote and advance, according to the principles of the Antigonish Movement, the economic self-reliance and social well-being of the people of Atlantic Canada through economic cooperation and education.

Our Approach

We seek to be agents of change for our partners, organizations, and society at large. At the heart of our approach is the development philosophy that adult learning and collective action are necessary for individuals, communities, and organizations to create vibrant and resilient communities. We follow a straight-forward strategy of “listening, learning, discussing, and acting.”

Our History

When the Extension Department was established in 1928, it was dedicated to revitalizing the communities of northeastern Nova Scotia through a people-centered approach to development, which became known as the Antigonish Movement. This Movement has created a vibrant legacy that continues to ignite our passion for the work that we do today, more than 90 years since its beginning.

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