Livelihoods and Markets

Livelihoods and Markets

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Markets are important in shaping the livelihoods of communities around the world. Understanding how markets work is essential for those who are engaged in inclusive and sustainable economic development. As such, livelihoods and markets development is a vast field with a number of approaches and actors operating simultaneously.

This two-week certificate course will explore approaches that involve understanding the complexity of people’s livelihoods and the ‘market systems’ as well as solutions ranging from creating a more conducive and enabling environment, to an emphasis on trade and market access, small and micro-enterprise development, and innovations in climate smart/green technologies, and the application of various financial instruments.

Practical emphasis will be given to approaches relevant for the local context, including the value-chain/market systems, social enterprises, youth engagement, and skills development, and the application of corporate social investments. The program will combine in-depth deconstruction and explanation of key concepts, tools, and approaches with real-life illustrative examples as well as interactions with dynamic leaders and carefully-selected field visits to help participants make economies more inclusive in your context.

Personal benefits

You will be able to:

  • understand the linkage between livelihoods, market, and community development and poverty reduction;
  • become familiar with the key terminology and concepts in this field, key frameworks, tools, and approaches, as well as the related challenges and emerging lessons;
  • learn how to practically apply these tools and methodologies to conduct market-systems/value-chain analysis and develop programs for strengthening inclusive economies; and
  • become connected with a growing professional network of peers from various organizations around the world working in this quickly changing field.

Organizational benefits

You will:

  • gain an understanding of relevant, contemporary tools, frameworks, and approaches in livelihoods development and market engagement;
  • develop intermediate-level expertise and enhance in-house capacity in conducting market-systems analysis, designing programs, and measuring social and economic impact; and
  • gain insights into new thinking and cutting-edge innovations in access to finance, markets, skills development, and employment opportunities for all.

Classroom Methods

The course will include a variety of participatory and experiential learning methods by which participants will share their experiences and deepen their learnings. These will include lecture presentations, small group discussions, role-plays and simulation exercises, video/written case studies, guest speakers, and skill-building exercises. Participants will benefit from visits to local field sites to engage practitioners and dialogue with stakeholders. All presentations and instructional materials will be in English.

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