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Coady Prepares for Busy Spring

Coady Prepares for Busy Spring

Coady International Institute is pleased to be welcoming 43 participants from 18 countries to our campus for spring certificates in Asset-Based and Citizen-Led Development (ABCD), Women’s Leadership in Community Development, and Social Enterprise for Inclusive Local Economies

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Youth Leader Shaping Educational Reform in India

Youth Leader Shaping Educational Reform in India

Nanda Kishore Daggupati is in Tamil Nadu, India, where he has facilitated a partnership between Chudar, an organization that works to improve the quality of education for children from underprivileged backgrounds, and the Tamil Nadu government for his initiative, Educational Development through Research, Consulting, and Policy.

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Katherine Fleming award turns 20

Katherine Fleming award turns 20

“Each [recipient] has been an exceptional person, doing great things for their communities and the causes they have championed. Hearing their stories, and what the award means to them, inspires us, and gives us some satisfaction that our efforts to honour Katie by enabling others, has been achieved.”

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Upcoming Events

Circle of Abundance – Amplifying Indigenous Women’s Leadership

Join the Circle of Abundance and help us in reaching our $1M fundraising goal. Every $1 donated becomes $2 in this match campaign!

Circle of Abundance – Amplifying Indigenous Women’s Leadership was launched with a generous donation by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and a matching contribution by the Jeannine Deveau Education Equity Endowment Fund.

Learn more about the initiative and how you too can amplify Indigenous women’s leadership.


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One People, One Heartbeat: Creating Connections through Art

Coady Institute is celebrating the International Day of Friendship with the launch of an online art gallery. We are inviting Coady graduates from around the world to submit up to three examples of their art. Entries selected will be a featured in an online/virtual exhibition beginning July 30.

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, July 12, 5pm (ADT)


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COVID-19 Webinar Series:

Drawing on our Collective Strengths to Promote Civic Leadership in these Extraordinary Times

We are hearing that around the world, Coady graduates and their organizations are finding ways to support their communities to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. For that reason, we are convening a series of community conversations of Coady grads to share ideas and experiences, questions and challenges as to how we can best respond to COVID-19, using an asset-based, community driven approach.

Missed a webinar? Watch them all on our YouTube Channel playlist

Reimagining the Coady Chair in Social Justice

The Coady Chair in Social Justice (CCSJ) is a fund aimed at engaging StFX University, Coady Institute, and the community in issues of social justice. This spring the CCSJ Committee is stepping back to engage stakeholders in reimagining what could be. Join us in sharing your thoughts. Learn more about the Coady Chair in Social Justice (CCSJ).

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