Cecil Wilson is a current participant in Coady’s Diploma in Development Leadership program. He is the Country Coordinator for Universal Outreach Foundation and co-owner of Liberia Pure Honey.

Liberia Pure Honey was recently recognized at the National Honey Show in England, winning first place in the category “Clear Honey from a Charitable Organisation with Beekeepers”.

Liberia Pure Honey was launched in 2012 as a response to the need for job creation in Liberia. With very few income-generating opportunities outside of the major cities and no local honey in grocery stores, Wilson and his business partner Gladys Freeman thought that if they could create a market for quality honey, more people could become beekeepers and gain an added source of income.

Liberia Pure Honey dedicates its profits to the development of the honey industry with the aim of developing an industry that can help improve the lives of people across the entire country. Its honey products are available in supermarkets and markets throughout Liberia.

Wilson says, “…the knowledge gained from my studies at Coady will equip me to look deeper into issues that have entrenched communities into poverty and design ways to improve upon existing programs to address these root causes.