Promoting Accountable Democracies: Partners/Initiatives

The Coady Institute’s work in Egypt reflects a deep commitment to citizen-leaders and their organizations. The Coady has had links with Egyptian organizations since the early 1960s. Today there are more than 100 graduates working in civil society, donor and religious organizations in the country. Through their leadership, the Coady community-led approach to development continues to have an impact on the evolution of Egyptian society.

In 2012, a group of Egyptian citizen leaders and organizations invited the Coady Institute to work with them to develop a new approach – one that would strengthen the capacity of emerging citizen leaders and existing civil society organizations; develop new awareness and skills related to building active citizenship; help active citizens engage with the state in the process of creating more responsive policies, and in turn, help them to hold policy makers and duty bearers to account for their practices.

In 2005 and 2006, the Coady Institute, in collaboration with the African Youth Parliament, conducted two certificates in East Africa on youth participation in Africa’s Development Processes. It aimed to provide young leaders with the opportunity to build on their existing leadership skills, equip them with additional facilitation and peer training skills and provide them with networking opportunities to effectively engage in the African Peer Review Mechanism of New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) and African Union processes in their country. In addition, a knowledge network was created to provide support to the youth up to six months after the training.

In 2012, an emerging relationship with the International Budget Partnership (IBP) enabled the Coady Institute to offer a new one-week campus-based course on Good Governance and Social Accountability Tools. Discussions are currently underway regarding the creation of a Social Accountability School in future which would focus on enhancing the skills of practitioners in this area.


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