Livelihoods and Markets: Reflections on Applications and Ongoing Learning

with Graduates of the Coady International Institute’s Livelihood & Markets courses and facilitators Yogesh Ghore, Senior Program Staff , Coady International Institute and Farouk Jiwa, Coady Associate

As part of Coady Institute’s effort to facilitate ongoing learning beyond the classroom, this webinar was an opportunity for participants from the recently concluded Livelihoods and Markets Spring 2018 Certificate course and past graduates from other courses to reflect on how they are applying the learning from the course to their operating context. Graduates shared what has changed for them at the individual/personal level in terms of the change in thinking and analysis, at the organizational level, and finally at the level of the community. While reflecting on the practical challenges of facilitating market development, they also discussed the modalities through which they can continue to reflect, learn and share on an ongoing basis.

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