Vicky Schreiber

Program Manager

Vicky Schreiber has worked in international development in Africa, Latin America and Asia and has recently joined Coady to manage the Women’s Leadership for Economic and Food Security program being implemented with partners in Ethiopia, Ghana and Zambia. Previously she has worked with Oxfam Canada’s Women’s Rights programs in Africa and the Sustainable Livelihoods and Agriculture Program in Mozambique. She has provided leadership in managing in the design and implementation of civil-society capacity building programs to overcome gender inequalities and build women’s transformative leadership on issues related to gender based violence, HIV and Aids and rural livelihoods. This has involved effective liaison with donors, and contributions to development of capacity assessment tools for women’s rights programing; facilitation of key partner forums and coordination of monitoring, evaluation and learning processes.

Vicky’s perspective on development work is grounded in an understanding of the need to build on local capacities of organizations and communities to further their own development. While living and working in the Brazilian Amazon she was involved in international cooperation with the Poverty and Environment Program of the Federal University of Para that focused on value chain development of biodiversity products from local communities that involved collaboration with  scientific and research institutes and the private sector.

She is a graduate of the University of Waterloo’s Bachelor of Independent Studies program –  completing her research on Building Viable Communities in Sulawesi – Indonesia. During her time in Brazil she studied at the post graduate level – specializing in Amazon Eco-systems and completed distance learning programs of the University of London – Wye College on Natural Resource Management and Environmental Impact Assessment. Through project initiatives she has collaborated with UNCTAD on the BioTrade Initiative and with the University of Reading on a comparative study of Agriculture Frontiers and Forest Environments in Brazil and Ghana.

Outside of work Vicky enjoys staying active and volunteering with the ski patrol – whether at the hill or during special events and is looking forward to exploring the communities, lakes, beaches and inlets of the region.

Selected publications:

Poema: From trash to treasure – An example of a civil society initiative  -Vicky Schreiber in DEEPENING DEVELOPMENT THROUGH BUSINESS LINKAGES, Edited by Lorraine Ruffing, Former Head of UNCTAD’s Enterprise Development Branch, UNITED NATIONS, New York and Geneva, 2006

Equator Initiative Case Studies
Local sustainable development solutions for people, nature, and resilient communitiies – Bolsa Amazonia – Brazil – 2002

Amazonia 21 – Operational Features for Managing Sustainable Development in Amazonia – Publication Series Vol 1 – Chapter 4 – Patterns of Sustainability in Regional Development – Initiatives (task 4), Case Study Nucleus of Amazon Studies and Poverty and Environment Program of the Federal University of Para – Brazil.  2002