Documenting Graduates’ Experiences in Participatory Governance:
Reflections on Case Study Development

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Barbara Maigari: Citizen Observers: Social Accountability in Nigeria’s Judicial Sector 

Engaging citizens in court observation in Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory and Kano State improved transparency, accountability and integrity in the Nigerian judiciary.


Peter Ochieng: Persons with Cerebral Palsy Self-Mobilize for Meaningful Participation in Uganda

Persons with Cerebral Palsy, long marginalized from communities and the disability movement in Uganda, led awareness campaigns, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement to collectively mobilize for inclusion and representation.


Bhumiraj Chapagain: Enhancing People’s Participation in Local Radio in Nepal 

Sharecast conducted audience surveys and participatory workshops to increase people’s participation in local radio, improve radio sustainability, and strengthen its role as a forum for democratic engagement in Nepal.