Pauline MacIntosh

Program Teaching Staff

Pauline MacIntosh worked with the St. Francis Xavier University Extension Department from 1997 until its merger with the Coady International Institute in 2021, at which time Coady Institute was formed. An experienced adult educator and facilitator, she is passionate about working with groups engaged in strategic thinking and planning, asset-based community development, capacity strengthening and education, and leadership for learning and change. She has extensive hands-on experience supporting the success and growth of a variety of local, provincial, and regional entities. Pauline leads the development of Coady Institute’s Community Housing Program. In this capacity, she supports community-based groups, coalitions, and organizations working to ensure adequate, safe and accessible affordable housing is available in Nova Scotia for people living on low income. Pauline also leads provincial efforts to strengthen the community-housing sector and to consider affordable housing through the lens of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

Pauline has taught at the Coady Institute since 2003. She currently co-facilitates the delivery of two certificate courses, Learning Organizations and Change and Facilitation and Training Approaches for Community Change.

Pauline holds a Master of Adult Education from Mount Saint Vincent University, a Bachelor Education (Secondary), a Diploma in Adult Teacher Education, and a Certificate in Business Administration from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a Bachelor of Arts from StFX.