Coady Publications

The Coady International Institute contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the field of development by documenting its practice and experience, as well as that of its partners. We produce a range of publications including:

ENGAGE! Women’s Empowerment and Active Citizenship–five-year initiative co-designed by Coady Institute and five partner organizations.
  • Case Studies–documenting exemplary stories of innovative communities and leaders.
  • Convenings–highlighting conferences, presentations, papers and consultations hosted by Coady.
  • Digital Tools–interactive resources.
  • Innovation Series–features publications for academics and community builders to explore new ways of thinking, practicing and teaching.
  • Manuals for Practitioners–practical resources for development practice and learning.
  • Occasional Papers–past research and issues written by Coady staff and associates.
  • Reports–detailed studies, evaluations, and reviews.
  • Conference Presentations–Papers and presentations by Coady staff.
  • Articles and Books–Coady staff contributions to journals and other publications.

Please also look at the thematic sections of this website for materials relevant to these areas of focus.

Latest additions: