Coady Themes

The Themes of Coady:

Igniting Leadership

The Coady International Institute ignites leadership that inspires collaborative efforts to address challenges, discover opportunities and create sustainable development at the community level. Established by St. Francis Xavier University in 1959, the Coady International Institute is a world class leader in community-based, citizen-driven development education. In collaboration with partners in Canada and the global south, the Institute is committed to reducing poverty and transforming societies by strengthening local economies, by building resilient communities, and by promoting accountable democracies. We are committed to breaking down and transforming the North/South divide by bringing Canadians and people from the global South together to exchange best practices and learn from each other. Through innovative and relevant adult education programs, effective partnerships, and applicable research, the Institute equips community leaders and their organizations with the knowledge and practical tools needed to bring about the change they want for themselves. The Coady Institute recognizes the tremendous potential of all citizens to contribute towards development and the need to ensure that the most marginalized groups are also heard. By developing the leadership of women, youth and Indigenous peoples, the Coady Institute helps ensure that communities can reach their full potential and benefit from the strengths of all their people.

Building Knowledge for Action

The Coady Institute’s Research for Action work is focused on participatory research processes that include communities in understanding their own realities and options. It links the Coady Institute’s strategic priorities with a research agenda that informs and influences development practice. Work involves field-based research, case study development, production of field manuals and community development tools as well as “lessons-learned” briefs, multimedia tools and conference presentations. Many of our publications are available online.

Supporting Innovations, Strengthening Partners

The Coady Institute engages in more intensive training and advisory support to build the core competencies, leadership, and program capacity of innovative development organizations that have high potential to bring about systematic change. The Coady strategy is to ensure partner capacity is strengthened through an integrated approach across all three areas of our work; through participation in educational programs, involvement with action research, and support in specific areas related to Coady expertise.