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ABCD Google Map: Building Assets and Agency: Lessons learned from around the world, Brianne Peters, January 2019.

From October 22-December 9, 2018, the Coady Institute hosted its first Asset-Based and Citizen-Led Development online course with 19 Coady graduates and associates from 14 countries from around the world. The course, entitled “Building Assets and Agency: Lessons Learned from Around the World” included seven modules exploring ABCD principles; the context of our work; ABCD in communities; organizations; within our individual lives; critiques; and final reflections. The following map introduces you to the participants and the stories behind their work. If you would like to add your stories to the map, please email

Re-blocking and resilience in Canumay East, Manila, video case study, produced by Homeless People’s Federation of the Philippines, SDI (Slum/Shack Dwellers International), & Coady International Institute, 2018.

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