Digital Leaky Bucket

The Digital Leaky Bucket (DLB)  is an online version of a tool that Coady graduates have been using with communities for more than 15 years. The leaky bucket is a popular education tool that helps people at the grassroots better understand their local economy. It enables them to identify and quantify the main flows of money coming into and out of their community. In turn, this process may reveal economic opportunities, which can help community members improve their household and community well-being. To learn more about this tool you may find it helpful to read Community Economic Literacy and the Leaky Bucket on the Coady website here.

You can also download the DLB as a standalone app and use it offline (i.e. when an internet connection is not available). Below you find links for both a PC and a Mac version of the app. Simply click the appropriate button to begin the download. You will download a zipped file which contains all you will need to get started.