Putting Smallholder Producers at the Center of the Value Chain

For more than 10 years, Oxfam Canada, in partnership with the Coady Institute, has been integrating an Asset-Based Community-Driven Development (ABCD) approach into its work with seven NGOs and more than 50 communities in Ethiopia.  The videos below show how the approach has helped small producers:

  • learn about their own roles in the value chains in which they operate;
  • better understand the roles of markets and the roles of other stakeholders in the value chain;
  • challenge exploitive business practices while looking for possible “win-win’ partnerships.
Keyru Sied and Rukia Abenkar explain how understanding the vegetable value chain has increased their bargaining power with brokers, investors and input dealers.
Terefech Chebuko describes how the ABCD process led them to the idea to blend tradition with technology and move from producing bulla only for household consumption to the market.
Gudoye Godana and Darmi Wura explain how pastoralists have come together to reduce expenditures and turn once thought of “weeds into resources.”