ABCD – Case studies of successful asset-based and citizen-led development

From Clients to Citizens: Communities Changing the Course of their own Development
The thirteen case studies included in this collection provide valuable lessons for outside organizations aiming to identify, promote and support citizen-led development in a way that does not overwhelm or undermine community initiative. They provide insight into how communities mobilize their own assets and leverage external resources for sustained citizen-led development, and how external agencies can support this process.

Asset-Based Development: Success Stories from Egyptian Communities
This collection of ten short cases highlights examples of asset-based community development in Egypt. Produced in collaboration with the Centre for Development Services, Cairo. An Arabic version of this book is available through the Near East Foundation.

Among the ways people identify with a community is through the history they share with others of coping with change and responding to opportunity. Tension and struggle are part of this process of change, but those communities that have been able to move forward tend to be those that define themselves by their assets and capacities, rather than by their problems. The purpose of this manual is to shine the light on these communities, and draw out lessons for development practitioners.

The Jambi Kiwa Story: Mobilizing Assets for Community Development. (Ecuador)
Created by an association of largely indigenous women in Ecuador, Jambi Kiwa is a cooperative business that was set up to grow, process and market medicinal and aromatic plants. To succeed, these women drew on indigenous knowledge, traditional forms of cooperative activity, and the resilience borne out of the struggles of poverty and discrimination. Determined to maintain and build upon local assets, and proceeding to secure trade partnerships in national and international markets, this is the story of Jambi Kiwa’s inception. A Spanish version of this publication is also available.

St. Andrews Video and Case Study
Building on the legacy of pioneering Scottish and later, Dutch immigrants, a rural agricultural community in Canada has been able to muster active and enthusiastic volunteers for a series of ambitious community initiatives – the building of a community centre, a curling rink and a senior’s housing complex – and has maintained a thriving community into the 21st century.

This video explores some of the reasons why this has been possible. At its base is a set of values that puts a premium on self sufficiency, community spirit, and care for others. By pooling resources, ideas, and talents, St. Andrews has been able to build a variety of new infrastructure and community services. Success has not only motivated community members to continue with new projects, it has inspired other communities in the region to follow suit.

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