Adam Baden-Clay

BA, Adv Dip Mgt, Youth Programs Manager

Adam joined the Coady in August 2011 as youth programs coordinator. He transitioned to the education programs coordinator role in March 2014 and then returned as manager of youth programs in August 2014. Adam brings significant experience in new project development, Australian indigenous development and international youth programming in East Africa, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. Adam previously managed a livelihoods & community engagement adult-ed. residential program for young indigenous men in northern Australia, and before that facilitated experiential learning and volunteer opportunities in East Africa for North American youth. He served for several years in the Australian Army, including a peacekeeping deployment to East Timor.

Adam has a graduate certificate in International and Community Development from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia; a BA from the University of New South Wales; and an Advanced Diploma in Management, a Diploma in Personnel Administration, and a Certificate in Vocational Instruction from the Australian Army.