Presenter: Peter Ludlow, PhD
Adjunct Professor, Catholic Studies, St. Francis Xavier University

While many have heard of the work of the celebrated Monsignor Moses M. Coady and the St. Francis Xavier University Extension Department, which became known globally as the Antigonish Movement, what happened to the Extension Department after Coady’s retirement in 1952? Join Dr. Peter Ludlow as he explores the people, projects, and challenges of the fabled Extension Department from 1953 until 2000.

An expert on the Antigonish Movement, Dr. Peter Ludlow is an adjunct professor of Catholic Studies at St. Francis Xavier University and president of the Canadian Catholic Historical Association. His first book, The Canny Scot: Archbishop James Morrison of Antigonish was published by McGill-Queen’s University Press in 2015. He has recently completed a history of the StFX Extension Department entitled Confronting History: The StFX Extension Department 1960–2018.

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