Amina Mlawa

Country: Tanzania

Organization when receiving Katie Fleming Award from Coady: Sahiba Sisters Foundation

Current Organization: Affirmative Action on Gender Equality Network (AGEN)

Amina Mlawa holds a Master’s of Arts in Education from University of Dar es Salaam, and Diploma in Leadership Development from Coady International Institute.

She is an experienced community worker with extensive experience in education, facilitation, and research undertakings in education, gender, health, leadership, good governance, poverty and development amongst others. For a number of years she has accumulated rich experience in working with grassroots communities – youth, children, and women – to improve their livelihoods. She is also involved in lobbying and advocacy work aimed at citizen engagement in the development agenda.

Amina is a member of the Women Research and Documentation Association (WRDP) – A women’s research-based organization dealing with multi-sectoral researches. She is board member of the Tanzania Coalition on Debt and Development.

Currently, Amina serves as director of networking, marketing, and promotions and on the executive management team of Affirmative Action on Gender Equality Network (AGEN). The organization’s vision is to, “maintain and advance our position and status as the most reputable charitable international NGO dedicated to empowerment of grassroots women, men, and youth in Sub-Saharan Africa and the African Diaspora in the United States of America and from across the Global”.

Amina Mlawa

2007 Katherine Fleming International Development Award recipient