Annie Anemieyeseigha Brisibe Porbeni

Country: Nigeria

Current Organization: State of Minnesota

Organization at the time you received Katie Fleming Award from Coady: Niger Delta Women for Justice (NDWJ)

How did receiving the Katie Fleming award inspire you?

Receiving the award inspired me to continue to give back. Since graduating from Coady, I have gone on to work with different organizations where I have chosen a role where I continue to interact, motivate and empower employees and management. My heart continues to be at changing the way leadership operates, working with communities and building capacity of the less privileged. 

What does your organization do, how does it help develop your community?

I worked as a human resource director with a community clinic, a vice-president of human resource with YWCA Minneapolis and now an assistant human resource director with the State of Minnesota. I practice human resource by putting the human first, providing opportunities for members in the community we reside and engaging in community activities that build capacity and create awareness on both education, and work.

What do you do for your organization?

I am an assistant human resource director with the state information and technology agency. I manage strategic processes. In safety and wellness, staffing and transaction, and training and development.

How did your studies at Coady improve your ability to be a change leader?

It made me believe that giving back is a gift that never fails. My experience at Coady was life changing for me and I am immensely grateful.

What are your goals/vision for the future?

Someday, I would like to use both my academic and practical experience and build a generation of forward thinkers where the focus on the human is more important than the focus on the bottom line. I believe treating the human with dignity creates a positive, profitable, and promising work environment for all.

Women want to be ‘masters of their own destiny.’
The award inspired me to dream big. To reach out beyond the limitations of my own country or continent.

Yvonne Marimo

2011 Katherine Fleming International Development Award recipient